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Background checks have become an essential component of the business process to mitigate risk in virtually every industry. Until a few years ago,
organizations were relying mostly on the information provided by the other party, be it job applicants, vendors, customers or the like. 
With cases of fraud coming to the fore with ever increasing regularity, it has become necessary for organizations to seek for and obtain unbiased information or opinion from an external professional organization, before getting into any sort of formal engagement with an hitherto unknown entity, be it an individual or an organization. 

Following are the various types of services that we offer:

1. Character Reference Check              

    Obtains feedback about the candidates strengths, weaknesses, character and integrity from a person known to the candidate (usually previous         supervisor).

2. Residential Address Check     
    Ensures that the information provided by the candidate with respect to his / her residential address is factually correct.

3. Employment Record Check                    
    Validates the information provided by the candidate with respect to his previous employment. Validated information can include designation, tenure of employment, nature of exit (voluntary / involuntary) and CTC.

4. Academic Record Check                 
    Confirms that the candidate has not misrepresented any information pertaining to his educational qualifications /academic record.

5. Database Search                   
 Verifies if the candidates name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases, civil litigation
databases, credit databases and compliance databases.

6. Criminal Record Check             
    Verifies whether any case has been filed against the name of the candidate in the police station records.

7. Drug Tests           
    Tie-ups with reputed laboratories across India for 5/7/10 panel drug tests. Substances tested for include amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates etc

8. Court record check/ Identification check/Medical test             
    Verification of records with high court , district court & sessions court/ ID check - to validate the identity of the candidate through passport,driving license, ration card etc./Medical tie up with reputed labs for conducting pre-employment medical check up.