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Outsourcing is one of the most essential parts of training strategies. Training outsourcing provides industry professional to work with an organization in achieving its training and development objectives. According to IDC India, training outsourcing is a constant transfer of the organization and implementation of one or more entire training processes to an external services provider.


At PeopleKapital we offer two types of training outsourcing services:        

1. Select Training Outsourcing – In this type selected training activities are outsourced. There may be a need at your company to outsource only a few selected training programs or a part of the entire training function. We have worked with our clients on certain pieces of the overall training outsourcing like training need identification and justification, training delivery, training content, training certification, train the trainer, vendor tie ups, institutional tie ups, training measurement and ROI, training department audit etc. 


2. Comprehensive Total Training – In this type, the entire training function is outsourced. There may be a need at your company to outsource the entire training team activities so that the HR can focus on the more strategic aspects of your human capital. There also may be a case wherein
the required expertise is not available in house and you want only the best. That is where we come in and assist you with our state of the art training content, delivery, methodology and evaluation.